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Discover The Benefits: Why Opt For Cool Deck Coatings?​

Cooler Surface

The acrylic concrete coating applied possesses the capacity to reflect heat, maintaining the surface 30% cooler compared to alternative coatings. Additionally, its textured surface, forming air pockets beneath your feet, further enhances this cooling attribute.

Slip Resistant

The substance applied onto the pool deck surface and subsequently hand-troweled, resulting in the formation of a secure and slip-resistant area.

Cost Effective

The cool deck coating requires only a thin application, providing a cost-effective solution. It is compatible with various pool decking systems, including stamped concrete overlays.

Aesthetically pleasing

Cool deck is aesthetically pleasing due to its textured surface, customizable color options, smooth finish, temperature-regulating properties, and seamless integration with existing pool areas or decking systems.

A Guide to Cool Deck Repair

Where we’ll delve into the world of cool deck repair. If you’re a proud owner of a cool deck, you know that it’s a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, providing comfort and style during those hot summer days. However, like any outdoor feature, cool decks require maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them in top condition. In this guide, we’ll explore common issues with cool decks and provide tips on how to repair them effectively.




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    On average, the expense for an above-ground pool deck amounts to approximately $5,000, although the total expenditure may range from $3,000 to $12,000, contingent upon factors such as the dimensions of both the pool and the deck, as well as the geographical location within the United States.

    Cool deck also known as kool deck or cool decking, a textured concrete overlay renowned for its ability to remain cooler underfoot, is applied in several steps. Initially, the concrete surface is meticulously prepared, ensuring it is clean, devoid of any debris, and structurally sound. Subsequently, a bonding agent or primer is applied to facilitate adhesion between the concrete and the cool deck material. The cool deck mixture, typically composed of Portland cement, sand, polymer resins, and additives, is then prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions, with water added as necessary to achieve the desired consistency. This mixture is evenly spread over the primed concrete surface, usually with a trowel or spray gun, and textured while still wet to provide the characteristic finish. Following application, the cool deck must cure for several days before it can be used, after which it is often sealed to enhance durability and maintain its appearance over time.


    Throughout the process of applying cool deck, attention to detail is crucial for optimal results. Proper surface preparation ensures a strong bond between the cool deck and the underlying concrete, while precise application and texturing create a surface that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Curing the cool deck thoroughly allows it to achieve its full strength and durability, while sealing provides additional protection against stains, water damage, and UV degradation. By following these steps and adhering to manufacturer guidelines, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a cool deck surface that not only looks great but also remains comfortable to walk on even in hot weather.

    A cool decking lasts as long as other decorative concrete surfaces. So if you care for it properly, it’ll stay looking great for at least two decades. At that point, you will probably need to either patch things up or resurface it.

    Kool Deck is a high-quality, branded material distinct from the generic term “cool deck,” which typically denotes textured or stamped overlays for pool decks. Introduced in 1962 by Mortex in Tucson, Keystone Kool Deck was specifically designed as a surface coating for concrete swimming pool decks, as well as walkways and patios.

    Kool Deck doesn’t need shiny or dull sealants to protect it from weather damage. It can mimic the appearance of natural materials used in other parts of your hardscape.

    Durable. As a pure cementitious overlay, Kool Deck endures freeze-thaw, blistering sun and wet conditions with hydrostatic pressure as it expands, contracts, and the concrete can breathe.

    When a reputable contractor applies a cool pool deck coating properly, they will make sure it is slip resistant. Captain Pools uses products that create a textured surface that isn’t slippery, even when wet.

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